Judy Ford

Virtual Printing Master Class
"I thoroughly recommend this workshop. I used to dread printing. This workshop changed that, and I am now confident to print and excited to be able to produce excellent physical copies of my work.

The workshop takes you through the printing process in a straightforward manner and explains all the variables that affect the results. However, the workshop really excels in solving problems experienced when you try to put this guidance into practice with your own software and printer. Every member of the workshop had some difficulties and the ability to sort these out in 1-2-1 sessions was brilliant.
Before the course, you receive a pack of example prints, papers for your use and a professionally printed book. The examples and the book were excellent and will be tucked into my bookshelf for future reference. I was able to read the booklet in advance and make notes on it during the presentation. In addition, I have recordings of all the zoom sessions to use for reference. The workshop had a very friendly atmosphere and I think we all enjoyed the zoom sessions.
I hesitated to book this workshop because of the cost, but it represents excellent value for money. You will not regret your investment.