Handmade book workshop


Total cost: £515, including all materials and use of tools, Fotospeed fine art papers, pigment links, use of Canon and Epson printers, refreshments and lunch.

Handmade book workshop in Weybridge, Surrey, with Rachael Talibart, Adrian Beasley and Clea Beasley. GROUP SIZE: 8.

We are currently looking at dates for 2024. Please email us if you are interested in attending this workshop: info@f11workshops.com.

If you have ever wanted to make a hand made book of images but would like help with the selection, editing and construction, this workshop is for you. You need no prior experience of book making. We will help with preparation of images and the physical building of the book. We provide all the equipment and materials needed, so you only need to bring your computer and images. If you want to make more books at home, we will provide a comprehensive shopping list of all the equipment used and a list of material suppliers, as well as a thorough worksheet with all the steps needed to make more books, and other resources.


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Two-day handmade book workshop 

Day 1 (10am - 5pm)

We will start with a presentation about the sessions and make general suggestions about the task of selection, sequencing and editing. We will demonstrate some techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop to help match images. We will also show some ideas for prototyping your book.

When we create a book, we need carefully to select images that work together visually and also tell a story. Having honed our selection, we may need to edit them so that they work well within the format of the book but also share common visual qualities.

Your book will contain 12 printable pages where you can choose to place images, text or leave blank.

During day 1, we will work with you to plan your book and identify candidate images. We will suggest cropping and adjustments that will help to tell your story and connect the images visually. You will be able to prototype your book using several techniques.

Finally, you will print your pages using Lightroom or Photoshop. Having spent time selecting, editing, sequencing and printing your images on day 1, the second day will be focused on constructing a beautiful, hand-crafted book to showcase your chosen images.

Day 2 (10am - 5pm)

We will provide the tools and materials needed to complete your project, including a selection of plain and patterned endpapers and linen book cloth.

We will teach you the skills needed to produce a leporello bound book – also referred to as an ‘accordion’ or ‘concertina’ book. Your book will have 12 pages available for images and/or text. You will learn how to measure, trim and glue the book block, how to add decorative endpapers and how to make a clothbound hard cover for your book.

Adrian and Rachael are enthusiastic and experienced teachers and you will receive their one-to-one attention throughout the workshop.  In addition, we are delighted to have Clea Beasley bring her book-making experience to the team. The workshop is full of practical advice so that, if you wish to, you may continue to create books with confidence at home. With a group of only 8 clients and 3 tutors, individual attention is guaranteed.

Clea Beasley started making handmade books with children in primary school, as part of a teaching career spanning almost 20 years.  Her love of books stems back to her childhood, growing up literally in a bookshop, with parents who were antiquarian and fine modern book dealers.

Since leaving primary school teaching, she has been refining her skills and further developing her knowledge and understanding of the book making process so that she can share the joys of making ‘a book of one’s own’ with a different audience.  She believes that there is something uniquely special and satisfying about merging the creative worlds of image making and book making.

For both workshops, you will need to bring your laptop with a selection of images to work on. Before the workshop, you should identify the topic of your book and bring a good selection of images to use as the starting point for selection. We would suggest 30 - 50 images. If you do not have a laptop, we may be able to accommodate desktop machines. Please get in touch to discuss.

To secure your place on either workshop, we take an £100 deposit payable via PayPal now (no PayPal account needed). Please select the relevant date from the dropdown menu above and click the 'add to basket' link. Four weeks before the workshop, we require the balance which is payable via Bank Transfer. You will receive instructions by email.