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Kozu Books have just announced that Rachael's book, The Coast, is now open for pre-ordering. Pocket-sized, fine art books, Kozu's Landscape Editions, of which Rachael's volume forms part, are approx 48 pages each, printed on Fedrigoni Silk paper. There are only 100 copies and each comes with a free print. The book is selling out fast and can be pre-ordered, while stocks last, here.

IMG_3582 f11 L&T

On Friday, we had a very enjoyable Locks and Towpath tour. This is the first time we have held a tour on a weekday, and the experiment has been a success so more weekday dates will be scheduled soon. Despite the foreboding weather forecast, the day turned out to be dry and in the afternoon we had some nice, subtle lighting, and even a rare parhelion sighting.


A key part of the f11 ethos is small groups, ensuring that everyone gets all the attention they need, no matter what their level of expertise. It won't make us rich, but it means we go home at the end of the day knowing everyone has had a really enriching experience, and that is the better reward.

f11 L&T 2

Piers and Wreck 15.11.14 1

We had another great Piers and Wreck workshop yesterday, and a reminder that landscape shooters should always expect the unexpected.  The forecasts for the day offered little hope, predicting heavy and persistent rain and/or thick cloud cover for most of the day.  Undeterred, our intrepid band set out to shoot the beautiful West Sussex coast, and our reward was some of the best light we've yet encountered on this popular tour.  Many thanks to everyone for being such super, and enthusiastic, company.

Our next Piers and Wreck tour is on 21st February, timed to coincide with an unusually high tide (hoping for crashing surf!).  More details here.



In August, Rachael gave a talk at 'Muse', an exhibition organised by the Shed Gallery in Lyme Regis.  An extract of her talk and the slideshow she made of images by the exhibiting photographers has just been published here: