Creative Development Workshop


Total cost: £205, including take-home creative aide, coffee, tea and biscuits on arrival and at breaks during the day and a sandwich lunch. Group of 8This workshop is in Weybridge, Surrey. 

COVID-19:  Please note that due to the current health crisis, we are running our classroom workshops with extra space.  The classroom is spacious and airy with room for social distancing between all attendees. The bathroom facilities are equipped with paper towels, wipes and copious amounts of soap and there will be antibacterial gel available throughout. We will ask that you bring a mask, just in case, but if you don’t have one, you will be able to buy one for a nominal fee. We will also email all participants 24 hours before the workshop to ask that they confirm they are symptom free. Lunch will be provided in separate containers and eaten either in the garden, if the weather allows, or in a different room from the classroom with a row of bi-fold doors that can be opened.  Please feel free to email us for more information:

In a world where it sometimes seems as if everyone is a photographer, it can be difficult to create work that stands out from the norm. Clients often ask us, how do I find a creative voice of my own? Spending time understanding what you like and don’t like is an important part of the journey. This workshop is aimed at stimulating your creativity and nurturing your own unique style.

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In the morning, in a combination of talks, practical sessions and group discussions, Rachael and Adrian will help you to explore different approaches to creativity and hone your individual artistic taste. We will think about what makes a successful photograph, the role of subjectivity, experimentation and the power of the portfolio versus the stand-alone image. As a group, we will work on methods for generating ideas and how to develop a practical workflow that encourages a creative mindset.

The afternoon is all about your work. Perhaps you have a specific project you are working towards, a new portfolio, a book or an exhibition, or perhaps you have decided you want a new direction in your work, or a new challenge, but need help finding it. Perhaps you are seeking ideas about how to process some work or you need an objective second opinion on your portfolio or website. You will be given suggestions beforehand of how to prepare for the afternoon but you are welcome to come with another agenda.

Rachael and Adrian will lead the discussions and offer their opinions and expertise but the whole group will be encouraged to participate. Having run this workshop more than once, Rachael and Adrian are convinced that everyone learns from actively reviewing and discussing the work of the other photographers in the room. This is a rare opportunity to receive and offer objective and constructive input in a safe, non-competitive environment with other creative photographers who, unlike family and friends, aren't just going to tell you what you want to hear. If that worries you, remember that everyone will be supportive as they will be about to undergo the same process themselves!

This thought-provoking workshop will push your boundaries, a vital step to developing your creativity:

  • Nurture your ability to see and realise your vision;

  • Develop strategies to generate creative ideas and projects;

  • Learn to see the potential in your images and the techniques to fulfil your vision;

  • Share ideas and constructive criticism in the company of supportive, like-minded photographers.

Please note: you will need to bring a computer with your editor of choice and images to work with. Although you will certainly acquire new techniques during the course of the workshop, if your main goal at present is to learn Lightroom, Photoshop or Printing, please consider one of our dedicated Lightroom/Photoshop/Printing workshops.   

To secure your place on the workshop, we take a £100 deposit payable via PayPal now (no PayPal account needed). Please select the date from the dropdown menu above and click the 'add to basket' link. Four weeks before the workshop, we require the balance of £105 which is payable via Bank Transfer. You will receive instructions by email.